Tuesday, August 02, 2005

New Life, New Job

Why do I keep doing this? I seriously doubt if anyone will read this, but...

To go along with my new life (see previous entry on this blog), I now have a new job: Managing Editor of Texas A&M University Press. I start August 15. I can't decide if I'm scared, eager, sad, or happy. So, I'm sticking with some combination of all the above. It's a much larger press with a very active publishing program, so I'll be on a steep learning curve for awhile. I'm already listed on the web site, so I guess it's official.

I've even rented an apartment to live in until the wedding. I haven't lived in an apartment since 1979. I don't think much has changed, though. And now I can afford cable.

My deepest regret is that I'll be doing the long-distance parenting thing; my kids will stay here (one just graduated from college, one enters college as a freshman this fall, and one is in 7th grade). But they're being very supportive, for which I'm grateful. We'll figure it out. And I'll only be four hours away.