Thursday, June 30, 2005

My New Life

I've finally figured out why a writer needs a blog: to avoid writing when you can't think of what comes next. I'm about 11,500 words away from the completion of my next novel (a modern re-telling of the story of Job, for both of you that are interested), and I'm stuck. I'll get un-stuck; I always have. But right now, since I'm stuck, I'm going to tell you all about how I'm getting married in October.

Two years and four months after my divorce became final, and three years after my separation, I'm marrying Karla Eidson (nee LeCroy), the most wonderful woman I've ever met. That's a purely subjective judgment, of course, but I'm sticking with it. We've been dating for several months, and it's been the most amazing time of my life, except for the birth of my children. (By the way, my kids are crazy about Karla, too) She is beautiful, talented, intelligent... and she likes me! A killer combo.

Healing from divorce is a tricky, start-and-stop kind of thing. I've been to places within myself that I never knew existed. But all through the process, I've asked God, again and again, to guide me. Mostly, I asked God to not let me do anything stupid. And then, lo and behold, Karla shows up in my life! I will never live long enough to be adequately grateful for that particular miracle, that answered prayer.

Looks like we'll be living in Bryan, Texas, in the great house Karla managed to find and rent. There will be lots of changes and adjustments, some of which will undoubtedly be difficult. But Karla's worth it. If you're lucky, she'll let me post her picture on here sometime...