Sunday, February 12, 2012

The e-Book Chronicles, Part II

In which I announce my decision about which portion of my opus will be the first to debut as a self-published e-book…

After careful reflection, I have chosen my first novel, He Who Wept: An Epic Novel of Jeremiah for this honor. If you can call it that.

Several factors went into my decision. Mainly, though, the book had some decent legs when it was in [hard-copy] print. It even made a couple of best-seller lists in the religious trade publications. So, it seems likely that there’s some readership out there that might take advantage of the opportunity to acquire (or re-acquire) the book as an e-edition… if the price is right. About which more in a future post.

The big obstacle at this point is accomplishing the physical task of scanning, correcting, and formatting the book as a Word document.

I’ve managed to get the scanning done, and at this point I’m about two-thirds of the way through cleaning and correcting all the various boo-boos that inevitably get created in the scanning process. Allocating enough time for this is a bit of a drag, in between freelance jobs and life in general (have I ever mentioned that I do freelance editing and ghostwriting? I do. End of commercial announcement.)

One thing I’m wondering about is what to do for a cover design. The original design for the book (the first edition) looks a bit dated, which makes sense, since the book came out originally in 1990.

Dang. I’m really that old…

I wish I could find a good copy of the second edition, because I really like the cover design, and I would use it if I could get a really high-quality scan. Unfortunately, no copies of it can be located online, despite my best efforts. So, it may be that I’ll actually spring for an original cover design, which will somewhat work against my intention for this as a low- or no-budget operation. Hmmm… More on that as developments warrant.

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